Hosting solution

Hosting Solution

Hello, dear small business website owner! What do you expect from your hosting? First of all, you should expect good prices – your small business has a lot of expenses, and cannot afford huge bills. At the same time, you expect high reliability and security. The steady work of your website has a direct impact on your reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, precious deals, and more – all these things take you longer than your big competitors to earn! At BRSMT, we understand your needs and provide flexible and secure hosting solutions for small businesses. Let us review them.

Attractive hosting solution for small businesses
Regardless of the package, we provide each hosted website with:

  • SSH and FTP access
  • Free SSL Certificate (LetsEncrypt) with auto renewal
  • Regular data backup for your security

Each VPS server gets more:

  • A dedicated Linux system
  • Console access to change OS and more
  • A private IP address
  • Guaranteed amount of RAM
  • A swap file for even better performance

Additional Services

Often, the owners of websites for small businesses also require related services. Our strong DevOps team provides base server configuration, website migration for any direction, email domain configuration, SSL certificate installation, and more.

VPS: Affordable and reliable at the same time

We mentioned that we provide VPS hosting, but our story would be incomplete without more information about it.

When we talk about a mix of reliability and good pricing for small businesses, VPS fits this formula perfectly. VPS (virtual private server) is a “golden mean” between a shared server and a dedicated server.

When there is performance, security, control, flexibility, and more, VPS is better than a shared server. At the same time, it is a lot more affordable in terms of cost than a dedicated server, so your small business can enjoy big savings.

The secret is that VPS uses hosting software that splits physical servers into partitions. Each of them serves as its own dedicated server (with a separate operating system, disk space, bandwidth, etc.). Hence the alternative name VPS – virtual dedicated server, or VDS.

Let your small business chief go for the big win – and they don’t need big expenses. Enjoy hosting solutions for small businesses that are affordable and reliable at the same time! It’s easy – just contact BRSMT

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