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Git Command

Git Repository Commands

Basic GIT Commands

  • git config –global “[email address]”
  • git init [repo name]
  • git clone [URL]
  • git add (filename),
  • git add *
  • git commit –m [type in a message]
  • git commit -a
  • git diff
  • git diff -staged
  • git diff [first branch] [second branch]
  • git reset [file]

Intermediate GIT Commands

  • git rest [commit]
  • git reset –hard [commit]
  • git status
  • git rm [file]
  • git log
  • git log –follow [file]
  • git show [commit]
  • git tag [commitID]
  • git branch
  • Git branch [branch-name]

Advanced Commands

  • git branch –d [branch name]
  • git checkout [branch-name]

How to do git checkout?

  • git checkout
  • git checkout –b –track /
  • git checkout specific-commit-id
  • git checkout branch_name
  • git checkout –b new branch_name
  • git checkout –b
  • git checkout
  • git fetch origin
  • git checkout –b branch_name origin/branch_name
  • git branch
  • git checkout –b checkout_demo

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