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cPanel Alternatives

cPanel is by far the most popular control panel for server and website management to date. It’s been around for over two decades. By now, virtually everyone in the hosting industry has either worked with cPanel or at least encountered it as their web host’s control panel of choice.

That being said, it tends to surprise a lot of our new users when they find out that cPanel isn’t free – let alone how expensive it is. In fact, some argue that cPanel is looking to punish smaller companies and individual developers the most, with their single-license plans starting at $15/month which is more than most users pay per month for their servers. cPanel’s pricing policy is now account-based which makes it extremely expensive especially for resellers.

S. No.Free AlternativesPaid Alternatives
2FroxlorVesta Control Panel
3CentOS Web PanelISPmanager

Aside from that, for most, cPanel just isn’t the best option available anymore. So – without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the best cPanel alternatives and help you make an informed decision…

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