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proxmox virtualization software

Proxmox Virtual Environment an open-source virtualization platform

Proxmox VE(Virtual Environment) is an open-source virtual platform based on Debian. It allows you to easily create virtual machines and containers in a graphical web-based interface.

Proxmox Features

  • Web-based administration interface
  • Full Virtualization (KVM)
  • Supports containers
  • Live migration: move running VM from one physical host to another without downtime.
  • Pre-installed applications. Up and running within a few seconds.


  • Dedicated computer server to install Proxmox
  • A clean hard disk because all partitions and data on the hard disk will be removed by Proxmox during installation.

Proxmox Virtual Environment

Proxmox VE is a complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization. With the built-in web interface you can easily manage VMs and containers, software-defined storage and networking, high-availability clustering, and multiple out-of-the-box tools on a single solution.


Download the official release of Proxmox.

If you need professional assistance configuring your deployment, you can use our commercial support to help get you up and running.

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